Other services

We are involved in wood chip/woody biomass broking, trade and logistics. Our clients are ship owners, wood chip producers, wood pellet producers, power plants, mdf factories, paper pulp producers, traders or other end users. Via our partner companies we are involved in port and ship operations. We are happy to help to new ventures to debut on this market or to existing companies to strengthen their presence. If your company is not an Operator or a Ship Owner then probably marine transportation is only a side task for you with which you do not want to spend more time than absolutely necessary. You would rather concentrate on striking a good deal in the international sale or purchase of a commodity, or on developing your existing market or penetrating into new ones. If you are new to the freight market we are happy to tell you how it works, what you need in order to charter a ship, we can give Charter Party advice, point out the risks, tell you about market trends and expectations. It is our job to become the link between you and the market and we endeavour to answer all your questions and enquiries. And the best is that talking to us is free of charge!

The second hand market of the wood chip carriers is quite closed. We follow the global fleet of the wood chip carriers and if there is any ship on the market it is very likely that we know about it. The same way, we know about some potential buyers, so please contact us if you are trying to sell or buy a wood chip carrier. 


If you are considering to buy a wood chip carrier but you hesitate as you do not have the shipping team to operate her, please contact us as Trade Marine and our partner, Pacific Shipping Group can take over the full commercial and technical operation and crewing of the ship on your behalf as we are already doing so for other companies. Owning a wood chip carrier sometimes is simply a must in some cases but it can also provide price competitiveness and tarding flexibility for traders when bidding for CIF contracts. 



Coastal trade is a special market. It is the opposite of deep sea trade and it represents about 40% of the European waterborne trade. Big quantities of commodities are crossing the ocean to European distribution hubs like Rotterdam/Amsterdam from where coastal ships carry the smaller lots around Europe. European companies use coastal ships to distribute their finished products which is more environment friendly then inland trade. We have a growing network of coastal fleet owners, so we are happy to help you with finding a suitable vessel for your needs.

Setting up a new port for loading a wood chip carrier might be a challange. We can assist with such, too, in order to have a smooth operation like this.