Intake Comparison

Wood Chip Carriers vs. conventional bulkers


by courtesy of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines 



Ship's Type Hold Capacity TPC Deadweight LOA Beam Depth Summer Draft Wood Chip
(S.Draft base) S/F=85cft/mt
Wood Pellet
(S.Draft base) S/F=55cft/mt
on Ballast Condition
Chip Carrier-a 2.6Mil CFT 45.7Mt 33,800Mt 175.0m 31.0m 21.40m 10.07m 30,808.1Mt 32,800.0Mt 14.95-16.5m
Chip Carrier-b 3.0Mil CFT 52.2Mt 42,791Mt 200.0m 30.1m 20.80m 10.82m 35,216.2Mt 41,791.0Mt 15.97-18.02m
Chip Carrier-c 3.2Mil CFT 55.1Mt 43,951Mt 195.0m 32.0m 21.50m 10.57m 37,866.2Mt 42,951.0Mt 16.02-17.92m
Chip Carrier-d 3.6Mil CFT 57.5Mt 49,524Mt 199.9m 32.2m 22.75m 11.55m 42,432.2Mt 48,524.0Mt 18.07-18.40m
Chip Carrier-e 3.9Mil CFT 66.8Mt 54,033Mt 203.5m 37.2m 22.30m 10.82m 46,312.8Mt 53,033.0Mt 16.57-17.86m
Chip Carrier-f 4.1Mil CFT 66.8Mt 54,086Mt 203.5m 37.2m 22.30m 10.82m 48,069.6Mt 53,086.0Mt 16.10-18.10m
Chip Carrier-g 4.3Mil CFT 70.1Mt 64,533Mt 209.9m 37.0m 22.85m 12.03m 50,588.2Mt 63,533.0Mt 17.61-18.91m
Cape 6.7Mil CFT 118.4Mt 172,000Mt 289.0m 45.0m 24.0m 17.75m 78,985.7Mt 121,068.7Mt 18.00m
Kamsamax 3.4Mil CFT 70.6Mt 82,175Mt 229.0m 32.3m 20.05m 14.43m 40,422.9Mt 62,471.8Mt 15-16m
Panamax 3.1Mil CFT 66.6Mt 74,000Mt 225.0m 32.0m 19.0m 13.95m 36,998.5Mt 56,179.6Mt 15.70m
Handymax 2.4Mil CFT 55.0Mt 52,454Mt 189.9m 32.2m 17.0m 12.02m 28,167.1Mt 42,531.0Mt 13.60m
Small Handy 1.3Mil CFT 38.5Mt 28,000Mt 169.0m 27.0m 14.0m 9.78m 15,589.6Mt 23,092.9Mt 9m



Above figures are just for guidance and without guarantee, they are subject to the variables. It is apparent that when we are talking about light cargos a wood chip carrier can load more in terms of weight than any conventional carrier with the corresponding deadweight. Wood chip carriers are designed with holds of high cubic capacity therefore the transportation cost of a  weight unit is lower than in case of a conventional bulker. Such cargos are wood chips, wood pellets, soya bean meal, citrus pulp pellets, dried destiller grain sollubles, palm kernel expeller, palm kernel shell, petcoke, metallurgical coke, scrap metal, tapioca etc.